Karnataka approves for Sale and Bursting of  Green Firecracker.

Karnataka approves for Sale and Bursting of Green Firecracker.

In the times of Covid, many States announced the ban of sale and Bursting of Firecracker.

The major reason for the ban of Firecrackers is mostly for Covid reason and the safety of the Covid patients

On Friday the Chief Minister of Karnataka did announce a ban on firecrackers for Covid and environmental reasons.

Today, The Chief Minister announced that he did receive many suggestions in regard to the firecrackers ban.

To which he said People can celebrate in low key manner.

Considering the health of the People having Issue with respiratory disorders and the Covid Patients

The Chief Minister requested the citizens to burn and selling only Green Crackers.

This decision was taking after announcing the decision, later to which he had to rethink his decision. The citizen trolled him for his decisions

Important Points on The Green Cracker.

It’s a safe water releaser (SWAS)
It’s a Safe Thermite Cracker (STAR)
It’s a Safe Minimal Aluminum Cracker (SAFAL)
The Green Crackers is been invented by (CSIR ) the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research.

However, all the above measures will only be able to reduce 40 percent friendly to the environment and not completely.

The New Delhi is currently like a Gas Chamber like Situation and the Green Crackers will not make any good change, Said the National Green Tribunal.

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