Pfizer, Covid Vaccine 90 percent effective.

Pfizer, Covid Vaccine 90 percent effective.

Good news came in for all those waiting for a vaccine or let say, everybody.

They claim to have invented a better vaccine is from almost all major Pharma company.

Some vaccine is under tests as well.

Amidst the news, Pfizer is claiming to introduce vaccines against the Novel Corona Virus.

The research so far says the effectiveness of this vaccine is more than 90 percent accurate.

On the interim trail result, The CEO of Pfizer said that it’s a great day for humanity and science.

They are significantly much closer to end this health issue pandemic.

The test was been conducted on the participants on the 8th of November on Monday.

An Independent Data Monitoring Committee is looking into this and it’s the Phase three clinical study

The Company aims to produce over 50 million vaccine doses by the end of 2020

The number of doses will rise by 1.3 Billion by 2021

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